Outsourcing in th Neolithic Age

Written by Harsh Jegadeesan on 10:53 AM

The neolithic age was marked by the devleopment of human technology which started with farming and ended with metal tools. My claim that outsourcing started in the neolithic age might seem outright ridiculous to people who profess outsourcing and claim that its a new age tool to improve efficiencies and boost stock value.

Basically, outsourcing is a philosophy which lets you focus on your 'core' and let specialists handle the pheripheral 'context' jobs. This is exactly how our society has evolved from way back in the neolithic age (4000 - 2200 BC ). In the neolithic age instead of each tribe hunting and gathering their food, different persons within each tribe would become experts at a certain task such as hunting, gathering, cooking, tool making, shelter making, or cloth making.

This evolved and different communities were formed in the society. These communities developed special but complimentary competencies. The barter system facilitated the exchange of goods and services. Hence outsourcing as a concept is borrowed from the neolithic age and is not a 21st century revolution!

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