How is SAP dealing with the N=1; R=G world?

Written by Harsh Jegadeesan on 10:47 PM

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I was deeply wondering how SAP was addressing the N=1; R=G world? Here is my take on it!

N=1 -
SAP through its business process platform and subsequently through its platform strategy is providing a means for customers to customize their enterprise software. Needless to say, enterprise software is complex and "no-one-size-fits-all". Companies, most often innovate on their processes to create "differentiating processes" - their claim to fame. In order to create customized processes, SAP provides the first-ever business process platform, a significant shift from its individual product offerings ( ERP, CRM, SRM, .. and other TLAs). Most importantly, the focus has shifted to end-to-end business processes, as business processes provide the link between strategy, business models and operations.

R=G - SAP is a truly global company with a "follow the sun" strategy to support customers. With a strong and wide-spread SAP Labs network, research centers with strong university collaborations, SAP leverages resources globally. Most significantly, SAP has built a strong ecosystem with customers, partners, supportive user groups, communities of innovation and industry value networks to collectively deliver value to customers. SAP has also jumped into the crowdsourcing bandwagon with its partnership with InnoCentive to tap into the "wisdom of the crowds".

In my opinion, SAP is well poised to address the N=1; R=G world.

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