Competition is good, very good!

Written by Harsh Jegadeesan on 10:00 PM

Update - The Nano project pulled out of West Bengal and moved into its new home - Vibrant Gujarat. Reason, enterprise of the CM and his team, pragmatic land acquisition policies and a business-friendly environment. Most important outcome - healthy competition between states to woo businesses!

For the past few days, I was disgusted seeing the news on Tata's Nano plant and the Singur agitation. A politician has been garnering press attention over a mismanaged land acquisition strategy of a state government, in the process holding one of India's corporates to ransom.

Though the leftist government headed by a not-too-leftist chief minister has been trying all it can to improve the situation and retain the Nano plant in West Bengal, there is competition now. Today, Karnataka offered to provide Tata's with the necessary support to setup the Nano plant in Dharwad. Such an offer has forced the leftist government to be more "competitive". The Chief Minister is trying to get on top of the situation and make sure that the plant stays in WB.

Competition has driven the leftist to act, and act fast. Competition has always been good, no doubt, our industries have improved and customers are smiling than never before. Governments have always been 'monopolistic', that explains inefficiency in governance and skepticism among the citizenry. Now I hope competition among our governments to attract investments and to create jobs will improve governance.

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