Heads and Hands

Written by Harsh Jegadeesan on 3:16 PM

In my experience, every venture worth its salt needs two kinds of people in order to sustain, succeed and thrive. I call these people, Heads and Hands. Heads and Hands are genetically different, they are just wired differently. Heads have a "broad horizon view", they get excited and driven by ideas. Heads are the strategic thinkers of a venture. No venture can be conceived without the Heads.

Hands, on the other had are people with an eye for detail. While Heads get their 'high' on ideas, the Hands are not excited so easily. Hands are keen on delivering. Execution runs in their blood. Their job is to operationalize the strategy. While Heads conjure up ideas in the cloud, Hands ground it and bring it to reality.

A venture would be able to survive only when there is a right mix of Heads and Hands. While Heads ensure right things are done Hands guarantee that the things are done in a right way. One is not superior than the other. If you have more Heads than the Hands, the venture does not come to bear. More Hands with fewer Heads would lack a roadmap and a binding strategy.
than having the right mix in the team, Heads and Hands have to respect, trust and work well with each other for a successful venture.

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