Notes from Subroto Bagchi's Leadership Talk

Written by Harsh Jegadeesan on 4:02 PM

I had the good fortune of attending Subroto Bagchi's Leadership Talk today. The great orator in Subroto teased my mind onto topics such as leadership, multiple intelligence and the next generation professional. His talk had an overarching theme - the "Next-Generation Professional Leadership".

Some highlights of his talk:

IQ vs. Multiple Intelligence

Subroto talked about how Dr. Howard Garner, the Havard University professor's Multiple Intelligence theory is a better formulation of human intelligence than plain IQ. Prof. Garner identifies intelligence using eight criteria - leading to 8 intelligences. Howard also suggests that each individual has varrying levels of each intelligence which defines the individual's cognitive profile.

Five-Minds for the Future

Again Subroto quoted the book "Five Minds for the Future" by Dr. Howard Gardner, to emphasise the cognitive abilities a leader should cultivate. He highlighted the importance of sticking to one discipline and emphasized that it takes at least 10 years to build mental muscle in a particular area of expertise - the Disiplinary Mind. Subroto talked about the conflict of depth vs. breath. He suggested that while a disciplinary mind provides the depth in thinking, the Synthesiszing Mind provides the breath and the ability to integrate ideas from different domains. The synthesizing mind is the most important tool to solve today's inter-disciplinary problems. He also emphasized the roles that a creative, respectful and an ethical minds play.

Overall the talk was really engaging and enlightening!

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