Chrome is interesting!, will I swtich?

Written by Harsh Jegadeesan on 8:40 AM

After all the rumors in the grapevine, we have the Gbrowser out finally - Google Chrome. The cliched "David vs. Goliath" - Chrome vs. IFS (IE, Firefox & Safari) war has broke-out. 

Here is my take on Google Chrome, it is "interesting", but will I shift?  I am not too sure. Before I go ahead, I have to tell you one thing -  I wrote this blog using Chrome. 

 - The installation was easy, all bookmarks and saved passwords were updated. But even other browsers do that - so no differentiator.

- The interface is clean and "no nonsense", like all Google properties. The speed & slickness which others find as"the differentiator" for this browser over its rivals did not seem to be differentiating for me, at least for the naked eye.

- Separate  processes for tabs to make sure "rogue tabs don't kill your  browser" is a good to have, but not quite "differentiating" for an average web user. 

- Aw, I love the "Search History" feature, Google is the best in search and they are leveraging it well. The "New Window in Incogito Mode" saves me a "Ctrl+Shift+Del" to clear private data.

As an end-user I do not find real differentiators for Chrome, I love Firefox!. However, I must admit that I did switch to Gmail and Gtalk when I was an avid user of Y! mail and Messenger. There is something about Google, which makes you shift - the mesmerising effect of google!

For the moment, I am still on Firefox!

Alt-F-C or closing tabs don't work :(

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