Remembering KK Birla

Written by Harsh Jegadeesan on 1:50 PM

KK Birla, the noted industrialist and a three-time Rajya Sabha member is no more, leaving behind an unmatched legacy. His contributions to corporate India and higher-education, no doubt, stands out. He was the doyen of the Indian industry and was a major supporter of open-economic policies during the license raj.

I vividly remember his speech in BITS, Pilani auditorium in March '04. He narrated an incident where Indira Gandhi, the then Prime-Minister of India had recommended some students for admission in BITS. He was the Chancellor of BITS, Pilani then (a position he held till his death). He politely declined the recommendation. This incident explains the conviction of this great institution-builder, to build a center of higher-learning based on absolute merit - an institution where established processes could not be tampered!

Long Live KK Birla's Legacy!

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