Business Stripped Bare | Richard Branson

Written by Harsh Jegadeesan on 2:21 PM

I must confess, one of the best authors of business books I have read so far is er eh hm - 'Sir Richard Branson'. While his autobiography 'Losing My Virginity' made me his great fan and a follower, his short and sweet 'Screw It!, Lets do it!' was a tequila shot!

Reading his latest - Business Stripped bare - was like having a conversation with Mr. Branson in real. In my opinion, he is as unconventional as an author as he is a business tycoon. In this book, he has simplified business and really stripped it bare to the basics - People, Brand, Delivery, Learning from Mistakes, Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Leadership and Social Responsibility.

To me the most exciting aspect is, Branson's art of leveraging the Virgin Brand to setup businesses from mobile phones (Virgin Mobile) to space tourism (Virgin Galactic), to Virgin Cola. The fascinating part is how he succeeds in keeping his businesses small and entrepreneurial.

Virgin still oozes youthfulness and provides 'value for the buck' to customers. Look at how Virgin Mobile launched in India as a MVNO with its 'Think Hatke' campaign, boy what an ad this is:

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