Google SearchWiki does a 'Process of Me'

Written by Harsh Jegadeesan on 3:02 PM

Google launched Google SearchWiki a few hours ago, and boy am I excited! Have you ever been frustrated with the search results - from the world's best search engine? if yes, you would understand why. With SearchWiki, Google allows you to customize your search results, re-order results, add new entries even add notes to the results. With SearchWiki, Google just did a 'process of me', giving back control to users by letting them organize their search results for their own needs.

Though, Garett is not too elated with this offering and he even thinks spammers could feast on the 'add notes' feature. I have a reason to believe that SearchWiki would evolve. How could even Google, the world's best search engine, with its much guarded secret - its search algorithm - not use the wisdom of the crowds to improve its search results? you will surely hear more on SearchWiki in the days to come.

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